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My name is Alexander Zuniga.  Not only am I a Certified, Licensed, Massage Therapist, but what makes me truly unique is that I am a deaf CMT.  Because I am not distracted by any type of noise when I am working on my clients, you get my full 100% hands on attention.  

By Learning American Sign Language (ASL) at a very young age, I understand how important hands are to communication, therefore I've made sure that my hands communicate to your muscles and body exactly what you need.  

I provide a very relaxing massage in a comfortable professional surrounding.  It is truly peaceful. A place where therapeutic massage helps your body heal itself.  
I studied at the McKinnon Institute with a variety of modalities, so the choice is yours.  Whether you want light, medium or a deep massage I'm here to help.  I firmly believe that massage has many benefits to offer, and can change the way you live your life.  There is truly nothing better than coming home from a hard day's work or working out, and having a soothing massage to completely relax and rejuvenate you.  
My work locations are in Oakland and Pittsburg, California.

Please call or e-mail me at the contact information listed below to let me know where and when you would like to set-up an appointment so that I can check my availability.
Please remember -When you are contacted via phone, it will be through California Relay Services because I am a deaf individual.  Please be aware that the voice that you hear on the phone is relaying MY message whether it be a male or female that returns your call.   

I have had so many clients offer their testimonials of what a difference therapeutic massage has made in their lives.  This is the best feedback that I can receive; hearing that providing my therapeutic healing touch has made a difference in my client's lives by reducing soreness, pain, lowering stress levels and increasing health benefits.   
I look forward to being able to offer you these benefits as well.
Answering service at 1 800 330 8241
Text message only at 510 375 1319
E-mail:  either tranquilhands@mac.com or AlexZCMT@gmail.com