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Exquisite Companion / Sublime Submission
Well Reviewed!

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I'm Sophia Amelia - your loving, delicious, radiant companion.

My glowing reviews are a reflection of my deep need to serve. When we're together your satisfaction is my only ambition. I am a sensual servant, completely devoted to showering you with love and affection. I create a space for you to completely relax, letting all the stresses of your life melt away, while you languish in pleasure.

I am driven by deep and intimate connection, and am a strong believer that making a genuine connection with someone, no matter how briefly, is the greatest rejuvenating force known to man.

I have studied religions and philosophies for most of my adult life, being especially drawn to philosophical systems that are all-inclusive and involve journeying inward to find the answers for our lives. I have a bachelor's of science degree in visual communication (graphic design) and am currently working in the graphic design field. I love to travel and have visited quite a few countries now. I try to get out of the country at least once a year. For me, being a provider is not a necessity, as you can see. Instead it is a joy and a pleasure, and I do consider it a healing work, healing for you and for me. Deep down, we all crave connection. And when it's mixed with a bit of wild abandon - even better!

Full Service Submissive

I'm a natural submissive. It gives me intense pleasure to serve and please. I think you'll love how I mix my sweet, innocent, girlish manner with my creative, dirty mind to offer the satisfying companionship you've been searching for. I'll guarantee you a full hour of service in whatever way you like. Should we break out my toys? The blindfold and cuffs? The leash and collar?

I'm not into heavy pain but do enjoy having my pain limits pushed. I'm more of a service, obedience and control submissive. I love bodies of all types and love to worship them (love having mine worshiped as well). I love bondage, especially rope. Sigh, the feeling of the rope against my skin, feeling the rope-top's concentration, feeling helpless. I also love sensory deprivation and sensation play.

Contact me today for a sumptuous escape. I am email, phone and text friendly.

$50 off for ThatMall clients!

GFE: $300 / hour

BDSM / Full Service Submissive: $400 / hour

Sophia Amelia
(415) 895-0433

Location: San Francisco