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Blend Of Extraordinary Massage Rhythms!

Therapeutic Massage:
Come and experience Bodyspirit Healing with Chiwoda Kamsisi Banda, MA,
Chiwoda is a Multi-disciplinary Performing Artist and Spiritual Healer. Building on his traditional Malawian healing practices Chiwoda offers a variety of massage modalities:

Thai Massage which blends gentle rocking, rhythmic acupressure, reflexology and deep assisted stretches to open, exercise and tone all the systems of the body to bring you to a deep state of relaxation and healing. Recommended sessions typically last two hours, and are performed on a floor mat with the client dressed in comfortable loose clothing.

Swedish Massage: Using lotion or oil and with massage strokes that can be light, medium or deep this massage gently heals and tones the whole the whole body leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Thai / Swedish Combo: Chiwoda’s specialty is a combination of these two massage styles. Come and experience the magical healing of massage.

Sensual Healing Massage for Women:
In the ancient traditions of Africa scared touch is the passport to healing the inner heart and outer spirit. Join me for a journey to the center of your essence and experience the magic of my touch. My hands will awaken all your senses and bring you to the peak of ecstatic joy and gently release you into the valley of rapture.

My training has come from ancient African wisdom passed down through the years. Together with the training that I have received from the Eastern healing modalities you will benefit from timeless healing that will heal your body, spirit and soul and awaken your self to the pleasures of the body that you had only imagined before.

Enhance your ability to receive pleasure and to guide your partners and lovers so that your intimate journeys can be full, ecstatic and healing. I look forward to being your guide on this very intimate journey.

Massage can be Incall or Outcall and is by appointment only.

Peace and Blessings,
(510) 773 7328
Website: http://www.ucandanc.org