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Super-Fun, Sultry, Swiss-Italian

Demi Demi Demi
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My name is Demi; I am funny, intelligent, friendly, super fun and just plain sexy, or so I'm told.

My pix are accurate, they were just taken yesterday at the glorious beach!

I am most comfortable when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself.

A little about me:

I'm a raven-tressed, sultry Swiss-Italian beauty, with striking light colored, hazel-gold, sparkling, bedroom eyes, a wonderfully smooth tanned body, beautiful smile and most of all I enjoy your pleasure almost as much as you do.

While not yet a CMT, I am available for exquisite therapeutic massage.

You will be greeted by an enthusiastic girl who is THRILLED to make your acquaintance. I love to travel, visit the ocean and desert, and experience all things new, different, and unique.

I am sweet as cherry pie…but I have a little wild side, and would love to let it out on you.





Please note: Ink alert! I do have some ink so if you like tasteful body art I have a few to show you! lol