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Sensual Discovery. The Art of Touch.
Restore, Rejuvenate and Relax.

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Touch and Company is a bi coastal (NYC and SF) collective of beautiful, dynamic and intuitive sensual and energy body work practitioners.

We understand the exhaustive effects of modern life. A session with us is more than a sensual and loving experience; you will feel renewed and restored in mind, body and spirit, as we will help you to reclaim your body’s depleted energy sources through an integrative body work process of releasing toxins and negative qualities. You'll emerge feeling vital and rejuvenated, and that is our promise to you.

Our practitioners will work with clients to tailor unique sessions that will serve to align and restore your bodies dynamic flow. Succumbing your whole body to artful, loving and healing touch of one of our collective members means you will embark on a remarkably regenerative and powerfully transformative sensual journey. You may choose from a wide array of modalities to make your session one that is unforgettable.

Our staff is able to visit you in your home or at finer area hotels.

Longer sessions of 75, 90 and 120 minutes are available upon request. These sessions really allow for the body and mind to recharge and synchronize and are highly recommended.

call: (917) 740-0744  
email: touchandco@gmail.com