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I want you to make our massages part of your fitness program, to help you maintain optimum health and well-being and to help you have balance and harmony.

My pledge to you is:

* To be effective and efficient with our work,
* To relax you,
* To ease aches and pains,
* To offer varied types of massages,
* To offer a selection of therapists,
* To be the best we can possibly be for you.


* Therapeutic Swedish massage
* Clinical Deep Tissue
* Sports massage
* Acupressure
* Shiatsu
* Reflexology
* Energy repatterning
* Pregnancy massage
* Aromatherapy
* Reiki
* Myofascial release
* Trigger point therapy/Myotherapy

All modalities of massage are systems of treatments in which the I use my hands to bring about beneficial changes in the client's body. The complex relationship between the mind and body has been established, and all massage therapies promote treating the body, mind and emotions as a "whole", treating clients holistically.

I cannot diagnose, prescribe or specifically treat you. Massage helps your body in the healing process. It promotes efficient circulation of blood and lymph to help in nourishing and cleansing the body systems. The nervous system is relaxed and digestive procedures stimulated.

I am certified and licensed.

Email: massagefitness@comcast.net

Hazel Hornsell (650) 365-4052