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Welcome to Summer!

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Welcome to Summer!

Come be with a beautiful Athena Goddess.

I am tender, strong and vulnerable all at once.

Giving the pleasure of your body back to you...

And the pleasure of mine... To you...

Nourishing you with my compassion, heart and hands...

If you are seeking a therapeutic muscle massage, in combination with a light, soothing sensual touch, look no further. Escape with me for a relaxing time away...

I can usually accommodate same day appointments, minimum 1 - 1 1/2 hours notice.

First time clients: Please, I ask you provide me with the name & number of a provider as a reference. I find it takes referrals a minimum of 1-2 days for them to get back to me, so plan ahead for that very first time.

Contact me by email if you want: Please provide a first and last name, a contact number, and a date and time you would prefer for an appointment.

I'm available Mon-Fri, 11am-8pm

Weekend appointments available if made in advance

*82-510-220-4538 (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY)


Testimonials: “Summer's caring compassion is matched by her gentle touch and curious carnal nature. She is thoughtful, beautiful, insightful - after you've been touched by her you will wonder how you came to be so lucky… She is full of soft touches and shy fierce joy.”

Another... "After meeting with you, I feel so calm and peaceful in my own body, yet energized and nourished. I feel like I can handle anything now!"

Legal Notice: With reference to California Penal Code section 647(b) and CALCRIM Nos. 1153 to 1155, the services discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration

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