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Goddess of Sensual Bliss

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I am Isis Noir, elemental muse, grounded and compassionate goddess in the making.
Vibrational pull, magnetic attraction, the space between air and water.
My skin is of burned sienna and rich mahogany.

I have Nubian features with large, tilted, almond- shaped eyes; a curious nature, an inquisitive mind, a creative and playful soul and dreams. My dancing body is a medium of creativity, undulating with the grace and power of fire's cleansing flames. I am interested in the university of life, learning and expressing our light and shadow selves.

I use dance, music, and body work to create a healing experience for body, mind, and spirit. I am a dancer, art model, and writer who loves hiking, backpacking, biking, skating, rappelling, dancing, etc. Currently, my favorite books include The River Why and A Natural History of the Senses. I've traveled all my life and absolutely adore it, and have taught and volunteered in Germany, Korea, Brazil, Venezuela, and Liberia.
Yo hablo espanol, eu falou um pouco do portuguese; je ne parle pas le francais.

An experience with me will leave you feeling refreshed, soothed, energized, and creative.
It is such a pleasure to share my abundance of joy and energy, bringing inspiration and relaxation to the world.

Rejoice with me in ecstatic joy. Join me for an experience of transformation, and beauty. Escape into a world of sensual bliss. Surrender to your senses. Allow my healing touch to caress your body, igniting your passion. Be enchanted by the grace of my movement, and dance. With me you will be held with compassionate attention, and unconditional love. Come into my arms, and let me carry you to paradise. I invite you to experience the mysteries of sensual ecstasy. Whether for an hour, or a day, our time together will leave a lasting impression within your energetic body. With me time will melt away, leaving only heartfelt presence.

My offerings include, sensual massage, body to body massage, ecstatic yoga, sensual dance, eye-gazing, breathwork, energy alignment, make-believe play, shadow work (bdsm), sound healing, aroma therapy, intimacy counseling, creative ritual, dream journey, tarot reading, eco-experiencing, social, & private companionship.

San Francisco
1 hour incall $200 1 hour outcall $250
4 hour incall $600 outcall $650
12 hour incall $1,200 outcall $1,250

Travel Worldwide
1 hour $300
4 hours $800
12 hours $1,500

Extended Periods
48 hours $2,000
1 week $4,000

For booking appointments please contact me at…

Isis Noir (415) 598-8621
Location: San Francisco