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Rebalance Your Energy Flow

My massage engages you in a therapeutic relationship with your body. The foundation for the massage is Swedish technique, with an emphasis on long, integrative strokes. I have much experience with deep tissue massage, and can apply very firm pressure, but I am always attentive to the response of your body, so you can relax and not be afraid.

I use conscious breathing in my massage, and I encourage my clients to focus on their breath as well. I can devote a whole session to Polarity and intuitive energy work, but even if you don't opt for these, I work to rebalance your energy flow through the chakras.

I also give mini-facials, which includes cleansing, exfoliation (including microdermabrasion in a jar, and intensive hydration). I only use the best European and American dermatological-grade products. You can add a facial to any massage. See rates above.

While I respect bodyworkers who have chosen to focus on the erotic, I don't do this myself. My massage is non-sexual, integrative of the whole self, not the groin.

I look forward to working with you.
Phone: 415 305 2561