Celebrating Shared Erotic Connection

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Sacred Intimacy is rooted in the rich history of magic and alchemy that speaks that language – one that is luxuriously mysterious, powerfully rendered and recalling the ancient craft of the sacred companion.  My practice speaks to the past but carries our shared experience to the pinnacle of the highest art of companionship.  It hearkens back to the mysteries of thousands of years of study, discovery and artful application, and gathers that legacy to a renewed modernist appraisal of the futurist art of Sacred Intimacy.  Skilled sacred companionship as richly layered as our expression in the magical alchemy of the marvelously detailed escapades that we create.

As a Tantric, Sacred, Luxury Companion I hold high regard for the mindful tending of our shared desire and I possess an exacting knowledge of my craft.

Pleasure is my watchword.  It is the key to successful interactions. Pleasure can captivate you and help to reveal your desires. I want to elevate pleasure to the place that it deserves since it can be so often co-opted by the cares and needs of this life. Pursuing pleasure is a lofty goal.  It requires us to love ourselves enough to seek out pleasurable experiences and act on them – to really show up for our Self and practice radical self-care.  Since that’s the premise on which I live my life and practice sensual connection can you imagine where we can go together?   I blend my talents and expertise into a mix that is specifically and extra-ordinarily designed for you and then together we create our passionate interlude.

You may be wondering how this differs from a traditional companion experience or even if it differs at all.  The answer is yes it can differ greatly from the traditional.  And no since it can also look exactly the same.  Explaining it can be tricky but here’s how I think of it: I am an expert in the art of pleasurable, sensual, erotic, connective exploration and I’m eager to share what I’ve learned about it with you.  I am your guide into the realm of the healing power of pleasure.  Maybe you are seeking an encounter in order to experience more joy and pleasure. Perhaps you would like to become more emotionally comfortable with your own sexuality.  Whether it’s for coaching, learning, support, erotic expression, and/or traditional companionship I am here to provide a nourishing oasis and to offer the opportunity to connect skin-on-skin with another loving human being. I support our shared erotic connection with words, practices and experiences.  I’m about enjoying sensuality and connection with others that share with me a thirst for that sometimes elusive opportunity to take time and make room for shared, erotic experimentation – those, sensual, pleasurable things that we desire to experience in a safe and intimate environment.

I think of myself as refined, authentic, good-natured, and approachable. I love to be made love to and be as intimately connected as one can be – completely encompassing my body, mind and spirit. Those who know me say I am elegant and intelligent with just the right amount of flirtatiousness and a wicked sense of humor.

You are the type of person who craves heart-centered, authentic, deep connection and has grown weary of superficial inauthentic encounters with escorts. You are also the type of person that desires to expand your awareness and refine your skills in the realm of the sensual and erotic arts. You appreciate the experience, wisdom and skill of a talented companion.

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