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Love and Light Healing is an eclectic approach to the healing arts that holistically addresses the mind body and spirit to support the client in reaching their goal. Three modalities of massage are utilized along with a coaching style that involves peer support, Eastern and Western philosophy and the wisdom of shared oral traditions.

Body work is the main method used to attain healing and well being. For Each 1 hour Massage the client is offered tea and conversation. The Idea is to connect with each client in an effort to facilitate the relaxation and communication process that compliments and encourages the healing and personal that the coach/body worker wishes to impart.

The Framework of Love and Light Healing is that healing is an art that is strongly based in science and attained in a variety of methods. That said, the synergy that is produced when you combine, the healing arts, science and philosophy can assist each individual in discovering the best methods for commandeering their own healing and personal growth. Love and Light Healing believes that this approach provides a solid foundation for healing the mind, body and spirit.

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