Natural Sensual Goddess

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Life has been a fascinating journey and lucky for us it has brought me to you.  My artistic curiosity has taken me many places earthly and spiritual, and it is the realm of the senses that I return to over and over, I have studied yoga for many years and made Tantra, the art of connection my practice, and allowing my feminine energy to overflow and be met by you the divine masculine.  

From the time I meet you at the door to our last embrace the sensuality will flow, and we will dance in the cosmic connection. My natural body is tattoo and piercing free and very responsive.  I am open minded and find pleasure with both men and women.  My intention with couples is always to fire up the pleasure and give you something to look back on with
a secret smile.

Have you had your orgasm today?

~ Goddess Worship ~ 

I pamper you from head to toe through touch, salt soaks, warm oils; you have to think only of the sensations. I show you how touch and honor the Goddess in all women (this is awesome for women and couples). 2 hours allowed to play. Power Exchanged.

~ Orgasmic Touch ~ 

I pamper you from head to toe through touch and warm oils. I am the only one touching - you are the only one receiving. This is amazingly pleasing. Magical hands move your energies into alignment (couples may practice this as well). Touch only time is an endless hour to hour +15 mins.

~ Introductory Session ~ 

We meet - you practice male mastery. I lend my assistance. We breathe and turn the lunch break into an Orgasmic Fitness fun (inc. Nude-yoga limited offering in session as this session is time limited).

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Orgasmicaly Yours,

Orgasmic Melissa
Location: Santa Cruz/Berkley