Sensual Fusion - Nuru Body Slides
Tantra, Yogassage & Edging...

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I offer an extraordinary blend of beauty, health, brains, fitness, touch, presence, openness, compassion and so much more . . .



I am strikingly attractive, 5”9 tall, sexy and graceful.
My Sicilian/Irish roots give me an exotic appeal.
I have the body of a model and dancer at a very fit 140 pounds,
with just the right amount of curves, where you want them to be:).
I am flexible, athletic and beautifully toned, with long slinky legs.
I have very healthy & supple skin and a beautiful face with big
brown eyes, high cheekbones, a defined jaw line and soft, sweet, pink lips.
My feet, hands and fingers are long and elegant.
I have a hip, creative style, simple, tasteful nose and belly rings and a radiant smile.
My hair is a bit beyond shoulder length and it tastefully accented with gold, copper,
red and blonde highlights.


I am a passionate, sexy, fiery, confident, wise and dynamic woman. I am also highly-educated and world-traveled, both of which add to my classy and sophisticated style. My warm and compassionate nature will put you at ease. I have spent years developing the capacity to communicate, empathize and connect with people, which means you will feel seen, heard, understood & cared for when you are with me. I value healthy, long-term relationships with all people, including my clients, which means you will experience an uncommonly high degree of integrity, honesty & ethical interactions (no shadiness or deception here) I am committed to authenticity, transparency & vulnerability. You get the genuine, personable ME, each and every time.
I have a brilliant mind and am highly knowledgeable about an incredible variety of topics and thus make a great conversationalist. I am also highly self-aware, down-to-earth, spiritual and present and exude very positive energy. And I am often referred to as courageous, pioneering, visionary & revo-evolutionary!

Session Descriptions and Pricing - NOW OFFERING "Sliding Scale" sessions - If my pricing is out of your range, make me an offer and I'll let you know if it works for me...

I'm including my current session descriptions below. Let me know what piques your interest. CUSTOMIZE YOUR SESSION - If there’s a certain combination of my services that you’d like, please let me know and I’ll offer pricing.


TANTRA: During tantric sessions, I have both of us do deep, slow breathing, matching each other’s rhythm. I also take you through a full-body hypnotic induction and guide you to stay focused on my touch on your skin and the sensations in your body. These practices drop you into the session and facilitate a truly transcendent experience that allows your pleasure to extend for a longer amount of time and expand into more areas of your body.

NURU BODY SLIDE:   Done on a table with coconut oil.  I give one of most pleasurable, writhing, sexy & creative body slides you'll ever experience!  It's truly my specialty and I *guarantee* you've never experienced anything like it!  I use just about every part of my body, in almost every position possible:)!  to slide, squeeze, press & pull you. You will be truly mesmerized by this experience!

EDGING: It's the practice of heightening your enjoyment, bringing you right to that edge and staying there as long as possible! It often leads to an especially long, heightened and full-body experience of pleasure.

YOGASSAGE: In my yogassage sessions, I blend light feathery touch with deep therapeutic massage, sensual strokes, body to body gliding, yoga moves that I do & yoga stretches on you that incorporate a generous amount of contact between my body and yours. These "moves" stretch your hips, lower back, shoulders, quads and hamstrings with deliciously close & intimate contact.

I also hold a Master's degree in transpersonal psychology, which means I am a well-trained counselor and committed spiritual seeker. I have training in NVC - Non-Violent Communication, RC - Co-Counseling, Landmark, Buddhism, meditation, Yoga, Rites of Passage, Vision Quests, HAI - the Human Awareness Institute, a variety of movement & bodywork modalities, health, nutrition, fitness and more!
All of these experiences allow me to bring a treasure chest of knowledge, skills, awareness and presence to my sessions. I am constantly growing, healing and evolving and have these effects on those whose path I cross as well.

(It really is best to write to me at to get an initial reply with
a lot more pictures, reviews, a bio, a description of my services and even a link to a video!)

Phoenix Sol
(415) 497- 7132
In-Call Locations include (but are not limited to):   
Santa Cruz, San Jose, Palo Alto
Out-Call Locations include (but are not limited to):
Santa Cruz, San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco
SFO, Monterey, Burlingame, South Bay Peninsula & More!
If you don’t see your city here, just ask - I am usually able to accommodate!