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An Erotic Journey of Integration
There is some kiss we want with our whole lives,
the touch of spirit on the body.

As a trained and certified sexologist and massage therapist, and an intuitive erotic ecstatic, I provide body-based learning opportunities to re/connect you to the Divine through a combination of erotic touch and conscious breathing. Not quite FBSM, not quite Tantra, my sessions are a modern synthesis of neo-Reichian bodywork, rebirthing breathwork, Swedish massage, Taoist erotic technique, and (for returning students) Tantric breathwork. They often lead to altered states of consciousness, visions, emotional release, whole body orgasms, and profound transformation. Each session centers on the integration of your spiritual and erotic selves. I specialize in Taoist Erotic Massage, Rosebud Massage, Male Sacred Spot Massage, and Pelvic Release Massage.

I will help you re/learn what a wonderful and unique creation your body is--and what vast potential for pleasure lies within it. Your flesh is sacred, and I will treat it as such. The ability to revel in sensual and erotic pleasure is a precious gift, and I will help you to fully unwrap it.

I welcome singles and couples regardless of gender, gender identity, orientation, sexual preference, ethnic background, size, religion or spiritual tradition.

SahanaI do screen all potential new students, for my safety as well as yours. If you're unwilling to go through that process, I will be unable to see you.

PLEASE READ MY WEBSITE BEFORE CONTACTING ME. All the information that you need is there at your convenience.  Unfortunately, I am unable to respond to emails containing questions that are answered on my website.  If you are pressed for time, a quick perusal of my FAQ page should give you the basic information you need to know.

Sahana The Sacred Sensualist