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Explore your Sensuality

Greetings & Love,

I invite you to co-create a session with me, weaving tantra-yoga, bodywork, sensual energy & sensual touch, breathwork, shamanic coaching, sound-expression, vulnerability, tenderness, spiritual passion & complete surrender . . . release, letting go, dropping the armor, falling into the cradling arms of the goddess.

I am a Certified Massage Therapist with years of experience in therapeutic & sensual massage, a Certified Yoga Teacher, Ordained Minister, Shamanic Priestess & Tantric Dakini.

Upon arrival I will welcome you with an affectionate hug, before we move into the energetic field of the session. You will be brought into my beautifully decorated, candlelit space. We will sit together on the floor in front of the altar in Yab-Yum. Here we start. The point of beginning is the breath. Breathing deeply, we open to love. When the moment is right, I will guide you into a state of surrender that again focuses your attention on your breath and your body. Together we will open up our bodies through a few partner yoga poses. We will then move to the massage table.

As the bodywork session unfolds, I will explore your body with sensual touch, deep flowing lomi-lomi (Hawaiian Temple Bodywork) and hot stones, designed to bring you into a deeper state of body awareness and melting. I will use delicious aromas, bells, ecstatic soul toning, feathers and other yummy sensual treats to bring you to a state of body delight. It is my intention to tune you into a different relationship between your mind, body & spirit.

During the massage, I use my entire body, hot oil &/or massage cream, to bring you into a sublime state of sensual relaxation. My style is a sort-of contact yogassage. I can be as strong as you like, or as tender as you prefer. The primary focus of my work is the aspect of transformation - let the rest of the world melt away, be in the moment, feel your body & feel your spirit's connection to Source. Feel your pure energy essence. Connect with that essence, reclaiming your vitality. Be the caterpillar emerging into the liberation of the butterfly.

Simply, this session is a magical dance of intention and surrender, where every moment is flowing with grace, every breath and thought is a prayer, every movement is a choice of letting go, and in every touch, a ritual. Let's create magical metamorphosis together.

The whole body, the holy body, is a sacred temple. It is the marriage of spirit and matter, creating life. I approach this bodywork in reverence to the divine mystery dwelling in each of us. This session is a prayer that you will receive the nurturance, divine unconditional love, pleasure, awakening, healing, relaxation and/or transformation that is perfect for you.

Take a leap of faith into the unknown.

I will be seeing a limited number of clients each week, to be able to fully give quality presence to each, therefore, I am asking to be paid accordingly. My prices are negotiable AFTER we have cultivated a relationship together, if you truly value my work & yet haven't the means to continue to see me at the posted rates. I value myself & my practice & feel I deserve a proper fee, while I also value the integrity of serious shamanic-tantra students.

I can be reached at *82-415-342-7890. Serious Callers only. Please be prepared to tell me something about yourself & where you're coming from, as well as what you are hoping to receive out of a session. This is not an ad for full-service, a girl-friend experience, nor are there any extras.

This is a Tantra-Yoga Sensual Bodywork Journey into Loving Wholeness~


Web: www.templeofbliss.com