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Awaken Your Senses

Treat yourself to an expansive inward journey of conscious breath, subtle yoga postures, and gestures of the body which unravel and awaken your inner universe assisting you to feel more relaxed, aware and present within your physical body.

Tyger's private sessions explore a graceful blend of breathwork and assisted yoga stretching with internal organ healing and massage. With the practice of refined inner and outer body awareness and conscious breath we become tuned to vast layers of emotion, creativity, and unprocessed life experiences that are held deep within the core of our body.

Through graceful explorations of these natural body shapes we navigate and unwind manifested patterns of tension and unreleased emotions, creating more space for us to expand and soften into our true essence.

Sessions are crafted to meet your individual needs by integrating combinations of Breathwork, Thai Massage, Yoga Massage, Flying Yoga, Hot Stone Massage and Internal Organ Massage.

PERSONAL CLEANSING PROGRAMS: Private in-house organic food preparation and personal cleansing programs are also available by special arrangement.
Tyger has continued to innovate and teach modalities of healing for over 10 years. He has journeyed internationally to India, Thailand, Peru, Hawaii and the Southwest studying many diverse disciplines in the healing arts, yoga and shamanic lineages. Tyger is a gentle warrior with an honest open hearted presence. His private sessions and healing intensives explore profound pathways for transformational self awareness and embodied healing guiding clients and students through an expansive inward journey of flowing body mudras, gestures, and subtle movements of the body which unravel and awaken your inner universe.