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Ava Woods
Beauty, Elegance, and Brains

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If you desire the experience of old fashioned seduction, excitement and romance with a lady who offers beauty, elegance and brains, you may just have found what you are looking for. If you are looking for an acronym-laden anonymous encounter then you are definitely in the wrong place!

For those of you left - attractive, smart and generous - please read on!

Meet a woman like no other - Ava Woods.

Hello, my name is Ava Woods and I was born in Europe.

My experience in life has shown me that men require more than just beauty and sensuality. A woman who is well-traveled, intelligent and with life experience of her own is much preferred. That's what I am.
I spent years enjoying the culture and history of some of the best locations in Europe and am now based in the US. A former model with an excellent education, I now operate my own small business.

Romance and seduction with an attractive, intelligent man is one of the highest pleasures in life for me. My preferred date is dinner at a wonderful restaurant followed by a romantic, sensual time.

I am definitely more the mistress type and I find that is the preferred situation for the busy, successful man whose downtime may be small, and wants to be sure of a quality, rejuvenating experience again and again. Plus there is of course the invaluable dimension of trust and discretion established between a man and his mistress.

Good restaurants, great architecture, intelligence and good hearts are some of my passions. One of my favourite things to do is take a walk in nature - care to join me?

My preference is to meet one, maybe two special gentlemen per month for a fabulous time and true quality dates. A longer-term monthly arrangement would suit me best - how about you?

Fees -
“Seduction is always more singular and sublime than sex and it commands the higher price.”
-Jean Baudrillard

That said, you will find my fees below extremely reasonable for what can be unforgettable and priceless companionship. My hope is that we will enjoy our time together so much that we will become fast friends and enjoy many wonderful times together.

Weekend - $9000
One Day - 24hrs. - $5000
Overnight - $2999
Dinner Date (4-5hrs) - $1999
2hr Introduction - $1100
Travel and extended dates by arrangement.
50% deposit usually required.

I am definitely open to establishing on ongoing arrangement of the mistress type with a compatible gentleman. We can discuss the possibilities on our date!

My email address is lovelyava@yahoo.com. Together with your request for our date - outlining time, location, length of date - please include:
Your real name, your business information and your business website link. If possible, references from other companions, as well.
I am extremely discreet and trustworthy and this information will never be used against you.

A 50% deposit is very often required.

I will not answer any emails that are vulgar or rude, I won't send facial photos and I will never have reviews.

If you would like to write a recommendation after our date that I will post on my website you are more than welcome!

Ava Woods xxx'
Ava Woods lovelyava@yahoo.com
Location: San Francisco